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Art Hansen. Life History of an Applied Anthropologist.

This transcript of Art Hansen’s experiences through the history of applied anthropology tells us how things were and how things have change.



Interview with Salomon Nahmad.

Life History Interview with Dr. Salomon Nahmad-Sitton, applied anthropologist who lived through, and created, and fought against, Mexico's indigenista policies.

Nahmad 2010_02655
Salomon Nahmad
Nahmad peyote
Huichol Peyote ceremony. Salomon Nahmad Sitton.


Adelina Nicholls. Aqui estamos y no nos vamos (interview)

This interview with Adelina Nicholls, a grassroots activist in Atlanta, delineates the view of immigrant groups on the US political situation.

Adelina 287g

Adelina: Personally, I feel that this lack of action by the House isn’t just about immigration reform, but,as we have seen, any proposal that President Barack Obama puts forward will be and has been rejected, not just in their discourse, but also their actions. Conservatives and the Republican Party have the slogan to vote “no.” They refuse to support any initiative Obama puts forward. It is an open secret that virtually no Republican will support any proposal by an African American president. This is a problem of racism.”