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Martha’s posts on retirement and aging gracefully.

Genteely declining
Genteely declining, Akumal

My years of work in Mexico provide ample material for notes with an anthropological flair about Mexico, and especially, about Oaxaca.

The anthropologist finally dresses right, in Magdalena Teitipac, Oaxaca.


I throw in recent and past rants and raves, ruminations, and notes on anthropology in general, and  Oaxaca in particular.

The Triqui grandmother, who, after being chased off the Zocalo of Oaxaca, is present only as an image.


I cover my post-retirement activity for immigration reform.

Mis heroes

I have begun to seek out the expressions of Latino artists in the US and from Latin America….

Pedro Reyes Peace Heroes
Pedro Reyes “Peace Heroes,” Labor Gallery, Mexico City (Art Basel 2014).


This is a continuation of many years of reflections on art in general.

Mel Chin’s Cabinet of Craving (about the English Opium Wars–a magnet for photos at ARTMIAMI (part of Art Basel Miami 2014).


I include notes about my adventures in Genteel Travel-including travel notes and observations in general, about Mexico in general and about travel and living Oaxaca in particular–includes tips on genteel decline hotels, renting cars, gas stations, immigration and more….

m car move
Traveling, loaded with stuff, as usual.


On my Genteel downsizing page: my de-hoarding, de-accessioning project–visit this page to buy your Christmas and other presents!

Angelica Vazquez (Atzompa) Mermaid
Free at last, by #Angelica Vasquez, Atzompa

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