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Resources for expats

This great blog has lots of resources.


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Genteel Travel

Do you like to travel and patronize establishments that are not chains, older, in some stage of decay, but also less expensive, off the beaten track, and full of unique flavor?

Pitahaya, fruit of a most beautiful succulent that climbs walls, and blooms once a year, yielding this magnificent fruit. Grey on the inside. Consistency of watermelon!

Check out hints by area:  Mexico in general and Oaxaca in particular. I’m talking off the beaten path.

EkBalam bed
Ek Balam, Community Eco Cottage! Just lovely.

And as Robert Frost said it so well:

I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.
x yagavila 10 2003 078
Adventures in Yagavila, Oaxaca

Because traveling off the beaten track requires some knowledge and skills, I include travel hints, too.

Caveat: If a bug is going to freak you out, maybe this is not for you!

9Bug over my head, bed, in Santa Maria Chimalapas, Oaxaca.

Flying with batteries in Mexico? No no no

December 2011.

Update on Mexico Travel.

A new (photocopied) list of items you can’t carry on Mexican planes includes batteries (as well as fingernail clippers). I cannot find any online reference to this requirement, not, not Mexico airport security (policia federal, not…. I travel with my dive gear on carry on in case my bags get lost or delayed.  I couldn’t put them in my checked bag

because wouldn’t let me. And they were going to charge me $40US to check them…..