Akumal, Quintana Roo

Turtle remora


I’m reluctant to publicize this wonderful place because I don’t want it to get more trammelled than it already is. But, ok, here goes. I’m not speaking of main Akumal, which is also wonderful, but Akumal Norte or Half Moon Bay, just a mile north.

Before it got Disney-cated; dynamited; jailed the dolphins and charge $80US/person! Breaks my heart.
Before it got Disney-cated; dynamited; jailed the dolphins and charge $80US/person! Breaks my heart.


Akumal is a beach community that has escaped the disney-fication of other, formerly beautiful places like Xcaret and Xel-Ha.






Recycling water and trash, reducing energy use, and, most of all, protecting the endangered species (including turtles) and going after the invaders (e.g., lionfish), Akumal and Half Moon bay have no buildings over 3 floors, only 1 or 2 night clubs, a few restaurants. It’s so safe you don’t have to lock your doors–everyone coming into the area comes through one main gate and everyone knows everyone.

martha mermaid


Prices are negotiable. Many are right on the beach.


The main drawback is that the ocean right in front of the most of the rooms isn’t the best snorkeling area–better to walk up the beach a bit. The pool is a ways down the beach, between the dive shop and the restaurant, “La Buena Vida.” But who wants a pool?


Currently I dive out of Akumal Dive Center on main Akumal. Akumal Dive Adventures right on North Akumal is very small and you dive in small groups, which is wonderful.


On North Akumal, La Lunita is the best; La Buena Vida is the most relaxed.


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