Negotiating Hotel prices (works for other things, too) (Mexico style)

Most hotels (like most colleges, car dealers, etc.) negotiate.

Hotel Palenque, Chiapas, 2006


3 Smithson hotel palenque c 1970
Hotel Palenque, shot by artist Smithson, c. 1970.


When you get a price, mention that you’ve been recommended by a repeat customer (or are a repeat), and ask if you can get a discount.

Once, I arrived at my hotel, HOTEL MISSION PALENQUE, in Palenque Mexico. I waited behind a couple who had just driven in from Merida. The man asked for, and got, a 10% discount off the bat.

So, I went up and said, ‘you gave him a discount, and I’m a repeat customer…?’. I got the discount, too, and realized that I always need to ask for a discount.

Nothing to lose.

Is this the best price you can give me?

Negotiate on Airbnb, too.


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