Mapa de Teozacoalco, Oaxaca

Cerro de Amole, Teozacoalco, Oaxaca, Mexico


(comunicase con la autora si quiere la version en español)

On March 17, 2015, in the Centro Académico y Cultural San Pablo [] in Oaxaca, Mexico, Stephen Whittington (National Mining Hall of Fame), with co-authors Ismael Vicente Cruz (ENAH) and Jose Leonardo Lopez Zarate (ENAH), presented a talk on the Cerro Amole, using a map of Teozacoalco from 1580 (currently at the Benson Library at the University of Texas). From a site dating from the Formative period (500 years before–AC–to 300 years after the current era—CE) to the colonial period in the sixteenth century, Whittington shows, among other things, how this large group of sites–settlements, workshops, and religious sites, displayed as a round figure (see Figure 1), shrank to 440 today (for more information see Whittington 2003).

Figure 1. Mapa de Teozacoalco []

Mapa de Teozacoalco, Oaxaca


Shoemaker, David. 2004. El Mapa de Teozacoalco (translated by Alex Lomónaco) []

Whittington, Stephen. 2003. El Mapa de Teozacoalco []

NOTE: as part of the Programa de la Mesa de Etnohistoria, coordinated by Dr.Edgardo De Mendoza for the Seminario de Estudios interdisciplinarios sobre la Mixteca of the Biblioteca de Investigación Juan de Córdova [].


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